The City of London Livery companies form one of the largest philanthropic movements in the world with their 35,000 strong body of Liverymen, history stretching back over 700 years, and their ability to donate over £48 million each year to charitable causes.

Message from the Master

Thank you all for your kind support and allowing me the Honour of becoming your Master for 2017. When Past Master George Constantinidi and Past Master Rodney Fitzgerald proposed me to the Livery in 1989. I was a young, single man in the City, now 28 years later still thinking of that young single man in the City who is now a happily married bloke, overweight, white haired father of two amazing children, I am very excited and somewhat bemused at the thought of finally having a mistress in the twilight of my years and as I find myself Master of our illustrious Livery Company.

Hannah and I are looking forward to our year and supporting our chosen Charity, Tilehouse Counselling, based in Hitchin, who provide professional counselling for young people in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. This service is offered to any young person between the age of 13 and 19 who feels in need of support. Hannah is a Patron as are a number of our close friends. They are a small Charity who need all the help we can give.

During the course of the year we will be having some enjoyable events that we hope will enable some of our newer and younger liverymen and families to accompany us regulars.

The two core events we are hoping for everyone to share with us are, a blue badge walk starting from the Cheesegrater in the City and then ending back at the Cheesegrater with a cocktail reception hosted by Aon, who I have worked for 30 years. The second event is a tour of the Postal Museum which will include a train journey under parts of London, probably for not as long as we would all wish.

Our regular visit to the Haven restaurant, kindly donated by Julius Oberegger – will be preceded by a Private Tour of Wrotham Park, one of the last privately owned stately homes in England, by kind permission of the current owner Robert Byng.

Our weekend away will be in Reims, to sample some of the delights of the Champagne region.

We hope that we will see as many of you as possible throughout the year.

Paul Constantinidi