1836, 1840, 1857/58, 1882/83 & 1900 Masters Edward Stillwell, Henry WM Johnson, Edward S Stillwell, George Kenning & Col Sir John Roper Parkington

Master 1836 - Edward Stillwell

      Master 1840 - Henry William Johnson                                 Sarah Johnson

Master 1857 & 58 - Edward S Stillwell

Master 1882 & 83 George Kenning - When Queen Victoria came to the throne in 1937 there were about 500 Masonic lodges in the British Empire, but the time she died in 1901, there were nearly 2,000.  All these lodges needed equipment and all the new members needed their ceremonial costumes so these years also saw the development of specialist retailers who adopted modern marketing techniques to reach their audience.  One such supplier was George Kenning.  The son of an East End oyster seller, George realised the potential of the market: he not only manufactures the costume but sold a range of products from his shops across Britain.  He set up a mail order business which operated across the British Empire and was keen to develop new markets in the USA.  He became a media magnate and advertised in his own widely read newspaper: The Freemason.  He even extended the brand by becoming closely involved in developing new Masonic orders all of which need special costumes and props.


Master 1900 - Col. Sir John Roper Parkington

The Tablet - The International Catholic Newsweekly - 19th January 1924 - 'We regret to record the death of Colonel Sir John Roper Parkington, who passed away on Monday night at his residence, Broadwater Lodge, Wimbledon, in his eighty-first year.  He had been ill since the previous Wednesday.  Sir Roper Parkington was a convert to the church, and had been a Catholic for many years.  He was the son of John Weldon Parkington, and received his education at private schools in England and France.  For a long period he was Consul-General for Montenegro, and he took an active park in aiding the work of the Montenegrin Red Cross.  Among many offices and distinctions held by him, he was Hon. Colonel of the 7th V.B. Essex Regiment, late Major in the Royal Surrey Militia, a Lieutenant for the City of London, J.P. and D.L. for the County of London, and Vice-President of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce.  Sir Roper was an Officier d'Academie Francaise, and the Royal Orders of Serbia, Montenegro, and the Red Cross of Spain; and a Chevalier of the Legion of Honour.  He founded, in 1896, the Anglo-French Association, l'Entente Cordiale.  A Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and the Royal Colonial Institute, he was also Past-Master of several City Companies.  Sir Roper Parkington was a devoted and generous Catholic, and his death will be widely regretted.

Sir Roper Parkington was on the Courts of the Worshipful Company of Fan-Makers, Glovers, Hosiers and the Tinplate Workers.  He was also a active Conservative.   His earlier life was very involved with the wine industry.