1971 - Andrew G Johnson

Andrew G Johnson - Master 1971 was born 1925 and died 2012.  He was an accountant with his own firm.  Andrew ran the Finance Committee with Noel Swan and Michael Roberts plus a small committee.  They re-arranged the Company's finances and in the early 1980s increased the Quarterage for members and the Fines for the Wardens and Master.  In 1976 the Master was no longer required to pay for all the Court Members meals after meetings.  Andrew resigned from the committee in 1988/9.

Andrew, like his two older brothers, went to Highgate School.  He married his first wife Betty in 1951, but they divorced.  He subsequently married his second wife Beryl.  Both of his wives out lived him and were friends.

Andrew's passion was London Buses and he belonged to its Society which has 400 members.  Andrew would trace the history of a bus throughout its life, even tracing the engine numbers.  One particular bus he traced all the way to South Africa where he visited it.  When Andrew died a picture of a bus stop was put on the end of his coffin by his grandson.