1984 - 1986 Masters Bryan Toye, Richard Payne & Ronald Elliott

Ald. Bryan E Toye - Master 1984

Bryan, at 31, found himself at the helm of the company in 1956 when he joined full time the family business of Toye, Kenning & Spencer Limited.  Having been studying the technical side of the business for the previous ten years he was no stranger to the company.  The rugged will to survive of his Huguenot ancestors came to life in Bryan and under his guidance the company not only survived, but enjoyed some of the most successful years in its history. 

In the 1980s Bryan became progressively involved in a wide area of activities which saw him become President of the Royal Warrant Holder's Association, the City Livery Club and Lime Street Ward Club as well as Master of the Gold & Silver Wyre Drawers.  The Broderers and Prime Warden of the Goldsmiths.  Whilst contributing greatly in these areas the Company benefitted through Bryan's growing network within the City.

Bryan also became involved in the military becoming Honorary Colonel of 55 Ordnance Company RAOC followed by 124 Havering Petroleum Squadron RLC (V).  He was also the Honorary Ordnance Officer in the Tower of London and non-executive Director of the Naval Manning Agency.  In contributing his energy in these fields Bryan learned a great deal about the skill, training and personnel of Her Majesty's Armed Forces than he had in his early days as an Under Officer in his school Cadet Force.  Much of what Bryan learned here was applied to the Company, such as enhancing a need for continuous communication, listening with an open-mind, equal courtesy at all levels, training, discipline, decision-making and encouraging leadership.

Richard W E Payne - Master 1985

Ronald R Elliott - Master 1986 was a Chartered Accountant, for many years the senior partner of Elliotts and then, after an amalgamation in 1979 and up to his retirement in 1982, a partner in Kidsons.  Although for several years he did some part-time lecturing at the London School of Economics and was involved in setting accountancy papers for the B.Com. examinations his chief interest was always in general practice as an accountant.

Ronald was a member of the City Livery Club and a committee member of the City Livery Yacht Club, yachting having been his principal sporting interest.  For many years he kept a boat at Palma de Mallorca and cruised the Balearic Islands, coming to like Palma so much that on his retirement he and his wife, Gwen decided to make it their home.

He and Gwen had four sons, one of whom, Peter, was a member of the Livery.