1994 - F Roy Rutter

Master 1994 - Frederick Roy Rutter was born in 1938 in London.  Educated at Stowe, he joined Willis Faber & Dumas Ltd., a firm of Lloyd's insurance brokers, in 1955.  Roy's entire career was spent in the insurance world, particularly associated with Lloyd's of London.  He was with C.T.Bowring & Co from 1962 until retiring.  He was responsible for administering the Charities Fund and for Bowring in the Community.

The Company's association with the Royal Army Ordnance Corp was formalised in 1989, but following the amalgamation of the RAOC with the Royal Logisitic Corps, it was necessary to draw up new articles.  At a ceremony at HM Tower of London on 9th February 1994 Roy, as Master, attended by his Wardens and the Clerk, signed the Memorandum of Agreement between the Royal Logistic Corps and the Gold & Silver Wyre Drawers.  The Colonel Commandant, Major General CEG Carrington. The Master and the Clerk each signed two copies of the Memorandum.  A copy in magnificent script was later mounted and framed in Silver and returned to the Company.

On 18th February 1994 the Master and Clerk together with Past Masters Nanthan,  Kaye and Perkins together with Assistants Padley-Smith, Jones, Kirby and Istead attend the Ammunition Technical Officers'  Course at Kineton.  This was the first of what was to be an annual event marking the Livery's link with this branch of the Royal Logisitic Corps.  The Master also presented a decanter to Captain Stephen Parker to mark his passing out top of the candidates on this 14 week specialist course.  This prize has been given every year since 1994.

At the conclusion of a Court Meeting held on 3rd October 1994 Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Gloucester was received at Innholders' Hall by the Master and the Beadle.  Following her introduction to the Wardens, Her Royal Highness was Enclothed, before the Court, as a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Gold & Silver Wyre Drawers.

On 7th January 1995 the Master, his lady and First Warden Richard Vanderpump were invited by Commanders Huntley Gordon and Jonathan Powis, Joint Commanding Officers of HMS Victorious, to attend the Commissioning Ceremony and Service of Dedication of the submarine at Barrow-in-Furness.  The Ceremony of Commissioning dates back to the time before the Royal Navy was formed when the merchant fleet had to be commissioned into the service of the King.  That ceremony now seems far removed from the modern nuclear deterrent submarine of some 18,000 tonnes with an awesome destructive potential in the form of Trident Missiles.  The association of the Worshipful Company with the Royal Navy has been, since its inception, with the submarine service.  The earlier connection with HMS Unseen came to an end following her de-commissioning in April 1994 but was maintained with the commanding officers of HMS Victorious.

In September 1966 Roy married Carol, whose family business, the Birmingham Tool & Gauge Company and the Birmingham Associated Chain Company, involved some gold and silver wire drawing. They have three sons, Frederick, Alexander and George.  Roy's sport and recreations included golf and spending time in the Scottish Highlands.  He was Vice-Chairman of the Commonwealth Society for the Deaf and a Member of the Court of the Mary Rose.