Charity Newsletter (January 2019)

Dear Liveryman,

I write to you as the appointed Charity Steward of the Gold & Silver Wyre Drawers to report on the activities undertaken by your Fundraising / Charity & Events Committee in 2018/19.

Recently the Court has decided to allocate charitable giving in a slightly different way than before, to enable funds to be given to support and develop our ongoing Trade links.

As approved by the Court, the Gold and Silver Wyre Drawers provides charitable donations in a variety of ways, many of which have evolved over time.  The organisations that benefit effectively come under four categories:

1.     Affiliations.  The Company provides donations and prizes to liaisons and affiliations with the armed forces, cadet organisations and schools.

2.     Historical.  The Company provides bursaries for the Royal School of Needlework students and trainees, Guildhall School of Music and Drama students and St Paul’s School Choristers.  Prizes are also awarded to students at the Royal Ballet School and other City of London Schools.  These have been set up by Past Masters and some are supported by legacies.  There are also annual donations to The Lord Mayor’s Charities, Sheriffs’ Funds, Poppy Appeal and the Guilds.  The Company provides grants and donations to carefully selected charities, who have low administration costs and expenses, benefitting greatly from a limited sized grant.

3.     Trade.  The Company maintains its trade links with the Goldsmiths Craft & Design Council and Hand & Lock by supporting young people with prizes and grants who are working with gold and silver wires involved in our trade areas such as embroidery, jewellery and needlework. 

4.     Charities.  The company provides grants and donations to carefully selected charities on application.  These are sifted and recommended by the Charity, Fundraising and Events Committee and approved by the Master’s Committee and the Court.  The process follows these approximate criteria. 

     a.     Small charities with low expenses benefitting greatly from a limited sized grant

     b.     Links to our trade and association with our liverymen

     c.      Links to the City of London and to the Lord Mayor’s charities

     d.     Links to medical, education, music and children’s charities

     e.     Links to our affiliations and the armed forces

The categories above receive donations from the funds accumulated by the charitable giving of our Liverymen in rough proportions; Affiliations - 13%; Historical - 26%; Trade – 13% and General Charities – 49%. The total of all charitable donations including prizes and bursaries is about £80,000.

The year provided us with more requests than we could accommodate, and sorting them out was as difficult as ever. A list of the main Charities that we were able to assist is given below, those with * had been supported before;
The following requests for grants from the Second Charitable Trust have been recommended by the Charity, Fundraising & Events Committee, with input from the Trade Committee, considered by the Master’s Committee and are submitted for approval by the Court:

Charity and Fundraising and Events Committee - I can report on the events already held and those programmed for 2019. I am able to report that for 2018 regular charitable donations from Liverymen (including Gift Aid) totalled £25,110 and 50% of 200 Club receipts was £4,425. He also recommended the following charitable donations as proposed by the CFE, Trade and Master’s Committees:

Name of Charity


Osteopathic Centre for Children - Children, medical

The League of Remembrance Services, veterans

Bromley Youth Music Trust - Children, music, education

London’s Air Ambulance - Medical, emergency services, city

Royal Armouries National Museum - Historical, trade link

Ironbridge Gorge Museum - Historical, trade link (Bronze award)

Bishopsland Educational Trust - Trade Committee

Patrick Davison bursary - Trade Committee

Charity Donations - The charity donations nominated were proposed, seconded and approved.

Headway Essex - Provides support and rehabilitation to adults living with an acquired brain injury at its day centre in Colchester. This is the Immediate Past Master’s chosen charity. Income £603,069 Assets £682,000 Governance £33,712

Douglas Bader Foundation - Provides support and recreation for children who have suffered an amputation, been born without limbs or have other physical or learning disabilities. Supported 2015 and 2016. Income £465.731 Assets £834,710 Governance £21,102

Young Actors Theatre - A community theatre in Islington combining drama classes and a professional agency which provides a unique opportunity for young people in London to experience world class teaching and to gain experience in the creative arts sector. Income £337,154 Assets £123,277 Governance £12,102

Barbican Centre Trust - The Barbican Box project introduces young people to world class arts facilities. Supported in December 2016. The Master attended their breakfast with the Lord Mayor earlier this year. Income £1,190,197 Assets £48,259 Governance £3,832

The Royal Navy & Royal Marines Children’s Fund (RNRMC) - Royal Navy Submariners to row the Atlantic in December 2019. They want to raise £230,000. £130,000 for the exercise and £100,000 for the charity. Income £1,364,611 Assets £10,533,669 Governance £61,815

Children’s Magical Taxi Tour to Disneyland Paris - An annual commitment. Approval needed for 2019.

Breakdown of Front Runners and Strong Contenders

Health – adults £2,500

Health – children £2,400

Arts £2,000

Military affiliations £1,000

We are extremely grateful to all those who raise money for our Charitable Fund and of course to everyone who donates money to it. Without your help many extremely deserving people would lead a less fulfilling life. All donations are welcome and I would be pleased to hear from anyone who felt able to give a little more than they currently do.

The 200 Club provided a handsome for our Charity fund in 2018/19 with a similar sum returned to 200 Club members in prize money. The allocation of prizes is reported in the adjoining report on the 200 Club. If you haven't got a ticket yet please consider this initiative and contact me or the Clerk for details. I am in the process of writing to everyone to arrange for renewals and appealing for new members to sign on. Please help if you can - your help is very much appreciated.

Warden Brian Turner

Charity Steward

Tel: 07803 046547