The Worshipful Company of Gold and Silver Wyre Drawers maintains the traditions and customs of the City of London and supports the Lord Mayor and Corporation in promoting the status and the image of the City.  It also provides a link to the modern usage of gold and silver wire and thread.  The Company seeks to increase its charity funds to support and improve its ability to make grants and donations to a wide variety of worthy causes, mainly connected with the City, education, the arts, the armed forces, and gold and silver wire trades as well as other causes espoused by the Master or individual Liverymen.  It does so whilst promoting the good fellowship and welfare of its Liverymen, Freemen and their guests. 

The principal aims of the company are:

  • to dispense charitable funds to deserving causes
  • to maintain links with the City and other Livery Companies and to support the Lord Mayor
  • to create a friendly and hospitable environment in which likeminded people may meet socially
  • to provide a link to modern usage of gold and silver wire and thread

What we do:

  • Run a full programme of dinners and lunches and other informal events, including an annual  Master's weekend trip away (often abroad)
  • Maintain bursaries
  • Make charitable donations and grants
  • Support a number of schools
  • Foster links with our affiliated Service units
  • Produce a six monthly magazine