The City of London Livery companies form one of the largest philanthropic movements in the world with their 35,000 strong body of Liverymen, history stretching back over 700 years, and their ability to donate over £48 million each year to charitable causes.

Message from the Master

As a child we all heard the saying “the streets of London are paved with gold”! The saying expresses the idea “land of opportunity.“ Leaving Northern Ireland in 1972 to seek a career in the City of London, little did I know the streets would be paved with gold (and silver) - wyre!

A liveryman since 1990 I had no concept at that time of ever becoming Master of this Livery Company. I was simply thrilled to be part of an ancient and historic City institution. Aged 38, I was probably one of the younger Liverymen trying to balance work and family with Livery functions - and the economies associated with these commitments! Indeed, in the early days this could be difficult.  However, I was blessed with support and encouraged to be involved as much as I could by my wife, Julia and the Livery. I have enjoyed every single year with the Company making life-long friendships in an institution comprised of Liverymen from many varied backgrounds and careers. Membership has also enabled Julia and I to visit places we would never experience were I not a Liveryman. I would encourage all younger Liverymen to be involved as much as they can, enjoy these experiences and be part of this City of London community that does so much philanthropic good.

I don’t plan anything “radical” during my year as Master. However, it is my intention to recommend to the Court the formation of a new Committee. This will be, specifically, comprised of younger liverymen as, I believe, we need to provide a framework around which our younger members can get involved at a younger age and enhance our standing and reputation in the livery movement whilst also engaging with our Trade Freemen and expanding their social network. This Committee’s creation will, hopefully, go a long way in achieving this.

We are also looking to the future through expanded initiatives in support of those already at the forefront of the company through education, charity and support of our armed services. These continue to be the central focus of the Company. We maintain strong links with the trade through our associations with the Royal School of Needlework, the Goldsmith’s Craft and Design Council and Hand & Lock by providing awards and bursaries to deserving jewellery and embroidery student achievers. However, an embryonic idea founded by in 2017 is coming to fruition. This new initiative will foster new links with the “electronics industry”. In particular, where gold wire is used in the manufacturing process of computer microchips. Updates will be provided to liverymen though use of social media “group” on Facebook, our website and The Wyre Drawer magazine. Please look out for these!

Our motto Amictiam Trahit Amor – “love draws forth friendship” - truly represents the spirit and harmony we promote. This includes our charitable giving; embracing and upholding support for the City of London, it’s Lord Mayor, Sheriffs and Aldermen and support for our service affiliations. These include the  Army’s Royal Logistical Corp – Defence Ordnance Disposal, Munitions and Search Training (Army School of Ammunition) and EOD11 (Bomb Disposal) Regiment; the Royal Navy’s HMS Victorious (Nuclear Submarine Deterrent) and 814 Naval Air Squadron (Merlin Helicopters); the RAF’s Queen’s Colour Squadron and Central Band along with 101 Squadron (Voyager Strategic Transport and Air-To-Air Refuelling Tankers) ; London based branches of the St. John Ambulance and Sea Cadets as well as two City schools. The Company also supports the trade of gold wire through various bursaries and awards as well as the Arts, in particular, music and ballet through our association with the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, the Royal Ballet School and a St. Paul’s chorister.

My charity for the year is Leukaemia UK, a surprisingly small charity based in London, which promotes research into the causes and treatment of blood cancers and blood disorders. 

I look forward to seeing you during 2019. Details of all my events are listed on the website. I would encourage all Liverymen to “bookmark” the GSWD Home Page and go there often. Please contact the Clerk in the event of any difficulties accessing the Members Area -

If we’ve not met before, please don’t be shy in introducing yourself personally or by email – . I would love to hear from you.

Malcolm Craig, Master, 2019